1.75 Liters, over 14 ready - to - drink four - ounce cocktails

All Natural + No Preservatives.


A classic Vodka Sour with a blueberry twist, made with craft vodka, blueberry simple syrup using real blueberry juice, and lemon juice. 􀀀All ingredients are natural and without preservatives, including the use of cane sugar in the simple syrup, and the vodka is made in-house from American corn.


The British Navy is credited for popularizing, if not inventing the Sour. The first record of the Sour is in 1856, with the written recipe for a Sour appearing six years later. The Sour’s simple three-ingredient construction􀀀of a base spirit, citrus and sweetener, plus water (from ice) adding essential dilution is replicated in countless cocktail recipes.


“They are really good. I was drinking the Vodka Sour the other day while watching NFL Football, and I felt pretty manly.”

- Dan Dunn, What We’re Drinking Podcast

Tasting Notes

Plummy purple color. Big, juicy blueberry aromas are front and center on the nose. The rich blueberry flavors on the palate are complimented by real lemon juice that brings a balanced acidity, along with layers of subtle vodka character that provide structure and tie it all together. The parade of blueberry continues on the finish, drawing you back for another sip.

20% / 40